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In our cooperation with MinQi, we support our customers in integrating a wellbeing solution. The goal is to strengthen you and your employees in the digital workday and to connect them through routines.

What is MinQi?

MinQi is the solution for organizations to increase the productivity and well-being of their employees in the digital workday by balancing mental, physical and social needs through routines.

MinQi stands for human power: Min for minutes and Qi for energy – i.e. increased energy, resilience and goal achievement in just a few minutes per day.

How does MinQi work?

Whether it’s refocusing, releasing back tension, or incorporating energizing team moments into meetings, we weave MinQi into digital workdays and tools so that it seamlessly integrates and delivers personalized content that motivates and inspires teams. Real-time data analytics help to proactively take action and make mental fitness, team spirit and physical well-being measurable as key dimensions.

Why MinQi?

The MinQi method was developed with doctors and yoga teachers specifically according to the U.S.E. approach (“user-based, science-backed and efficient”). Based on an independent, science-based study, MinQi has been proven to reduce stress levels by 30% in just 3 weeks.

  • reduce stress levels by 30% and
  • increase physical well-being by 16%.

What can MinQi achieve?

Teams get access to the following content and features through the web app and Slack integration:


  • ⏸️ MinQis: Choose an effective break video to do at your desk, e.g. to boost your energy, increase your concentration or stretch your body (3-8 minutes) – depending on your needs, alone or in a team.
  • ⛰️ Journeys and Live Session Create MinQi Journeys with a thematic focus and start/end your workday with a 10-20 minute Live Session with Desk Yoga, Stretching, Breathwork and strengthening back sessions.
  • 👯🏾Teamzeit: Use Icebreaker or the Blind Matching feature to easily strike up conversations during team breaks.
  • 🔔Reminders: Enable notifications on Slack or in your calendar to create lasting habits for you and your team.
  • 📝 Check-ins: 10-second check-in allows you to track your well-being daily.
  • 📈Teamboard: The team board allows you to track the progress of your team’s well-being and take action at the right time.

MinQi in everyday work

Form routines in your Weekly / Jour Fix.

  • Start or end meetings with a MinQi break, then it becomes a routine for everyone.

Long meetings/ workshops – Bring back focus and concentration

  • Build MinQi into long meetings or workshops as a deliberate break. Our brains are not capable of concentrating for long periods of time – especially when we are in a virtual environment.
  • A 3-5 min MinQi break in between helps to refocus and gather attention.

Strategy meetings – Start with MinQi for more creativity

  • A prerequisite for creative thinking is a relaxed state of mind – this has been proven by research many times. So why not start such a session with a MinQi break?

Just before the mentoring / coaching / feedback sessions.

  • Especially for this type of session, it pays to start with a relaxed mindset.
  • To be open and ready for this particular type of session, it is helpful to “reboot” the brain and relax. In this way, the coaching sessions work better and are more productive.

Key facts

  • Duration: 5-8 minutes per video break
  • Language(s): English or German
  • Frequency: Daily (5- 8 minutes video breaks)
  • Format: Online/Webapp with Slack integration
  • Price: License per user (smallest license includes 25 users)

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