Candidate Experience in Tech Recruiting: Why it matters and what are the best practices?

May 3, 2023

The Candidate Experience (CX) refers to how talent perceives you during the application process – and beyond – their impression of the company. It’s based on every contact candidates have with you: From the moment they discover you to the time they receive either an offer or a rejection.

A good CX strengthens your employer brand, increases acceptance rates (accepting offers), and reduces time to hire. Although CX is important for all positions, it is especially relevant for tech roles, where there is a particular skills shortage. Data analysis shows that time to hire for tech roles was as high as 33 days globally. Even in a crisis, tech talent can choose where they want to work. That’s why you need to go a step further in your efforts to create a successful CX for open tech jobs.

But what does that mean in practice? In general, it means treating candidates with the same respect, care and attention you give your employees. Below you’ll find more specific best practices for providing a great candidate experience for tech talent:

1. notice what tech talent cares about

Tech talent doesn’t just care about what tech stack they’ll be working with.

  • They want flexibility (75% of developers prefer remote work).
  • They want to know what projects they will be working on and what challenges they will be solving with the company.
  • They want to know how their potential colleagues are perceived as opinion leaders, disruptors, and creative problem solvers.
  • They are interested in what their personal development would look like at the company.

A survey of your current tech employees can help tailor your messaging to appeal to the intrinsic motivators of the target audience.

2. Personalize your passive talent targeting.

If you’re seeking tech talent, you should address them personally so they feel valued as individuals, not as part of a mass campaign. Email contact is preferred by 90% of candidates. Personalized recruiting solutions can help automate the approach and create follow ups. You can also include links to leadership articles or videos from your team to attract passive talent.

3. describe the process and communicate proactively on a regular basis.

Transparency is critical to a good candidate experience. Once a candidate is interested in a position, you should clarify your and their expectations and describe the entire hiring process; including timeline and steps. Explain why this is your process to show that you are intentionally implementing best practices in your hiring process. Candidates should hear from you after each step, even if it’s just to thank them and explain the next step.

4. make sure your assessments fit the position

Technical assessments or coding challenges should match the requirements of the open position. For example, they may look like a challenging day of work in your organization. To make sure your challenge assessment is accurate, ask yourself where the candidate is in their career, what projects and problems your team is working on, and how the candidate’s skill set can best be represented.

In summary, a good candidate experience is critical to attracting top tech talent. If you follow best practices and personalize your approach to appeal to tech talent’s intrinsic motivators, you’ll stand out.

Transparent communication and a Tech Challenge tailored to the job requirements show candidates that you value their time and expertise. By prioritizing CX, you strengthen your employer brand, reduce hiring time, and attract the best talent to your organization.

Want to learn more about best practices for attracting and retaining tech talent? Want to review your hiring process and make necessary changes? Contact us for a no-obligation conversation to find out how we can best support you in your organization.



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