We convey basic understanding as well as essential soft skills for your professional success.

Edl Consulting…

  • conveys a basic understanding and essential soft skills for your professional success.
  • offers all trainings virtually as well as on site at your place.
  • With a group size of 5 to 12 participants, we respond individually to personal and corporate cultural needs.

Recruiting & Interviewing

Your company is about to enter a growth phase – or is in the middle of it. They only want to get the best people on board and ask themselves: How can we identify and attract top performers? How do we get meaningful information about applicants so that we can make an informed decision?

Give and Receive Feedback

We provide you and your employees with the tools for a professional feedback process and lay the foundation for a constructive feedback culture.

Work and self-organization

How do I structure and prioritize my day? How do I communicate and set deadlines to make quick decisions? We support you in professionalizing your way of working.

Powerpoint: Basics & Storylining

In two training parts, you will experience the answer to: How do I build a page, how can I use it more quickly, and which style guides help my slide look good? How do I write a compelling and engaging storyline?

Time Management  & Meeting Management

Learn how to prioritize and plan tasks and keep disruptions short in order to work more efficiently. 
The goal is to avoid procrastination by setting and scheduling goals.

Also in meetings, we train you to keep disruptions short, moderate and run meetings effectively and henc, work more efficiently.

Connect & Grow

Communication, feedback and self-awareness

The key to high-performing managers, motivated employees and successful companies lies in appreciative and transparent communication. Experience change and growth on a stable foundation thanks to effective communication and feedback skills.

We support you as a manager or with your team in establishing a good communication culture and creating a trusting, appreciative environment with motivated employees.

Excel: Basics, Data, Modelling

We will answer your questions in three parts of the training: How do I generally use Excel, how do I structure tables and functions and when do I use them? How can I optimize data cleaning, preparation and display? How do I structure a model, how do I do sensitivity analysis, and how can I use macros and VBA?

Presenting in front of Audience

You want to get your message across confidently and confidently. We optimize your presentation techniques. You will learn methods for preparing and delivering effective presentations and rhetoric.

Self Leadership

Personal responsibility, stress management, leadership skills

Everything starts with you. Your team is only as good as you are. If you can lead yourself, you can lead others.

Dissatisfaction with ourselves and a lack of focus on our mental health cause our performance to decline. Self-leadership has become one of the most important skills for remaining flexible, innovative and powerful in a challenging economic environment.

As experts in positive leadership, potential development and leadership development, we support people in finding their strengths and achieving sustainable, healthy performance.

Positive Leadership

Successful through change with the leadership culture of the future

The PERMA-Lead model is based on the latest neuroscientific findings and the analysis of many companies with successful corporate cultures. With training on our content SELF LEADERSHIP, POSITIVE EMOTIONS, ENGAGEMENT, RELATIONSHIP, MEANING and ACCOMPLISHMENT, the following results are possible:

  • performance increases
  • employee satisfaction increases
  • the resilience of your employees increases
  • The creativity/solution-finding skills of your employees increase, the illness rate and risk of burnout decrease and
  • the fluctuation rate decreases

Leadership Development Programm

Finding, developing and communicating your own leadership style for the appropriate corporate culture and team is a constant challenge. We support you and your management team with a long-term program tailored to you.

  • 360 degree feedback
  • 3-4 offsite modules incl. learning projects, input and exchange
  • Peer coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • Workbook

Growth Mindset

Inner flexibility, dealing with changes, crisis adaptation

Experience a transformative learning experience that will revolutionize the way you think. Our intensive training reveals the secrets of the growth mindset and its application to all areas of life. Our experienced trainers will accompany you:

  • Seeing challenges as opportunities: Use difficulties as a springboard for personal growth.
  • Understanding the power of positive self-talk: Guide your attitude and performance through conscious inner dialogue.
  • Dealing with setbacks: View failures as learning opportunities, not defeats.
  • Encourage continuous learning: Keep your curiosity alive and continually develop new skills.

Employee Empowerment

Psychological safety, mental health, self-management

Strengthen employees, give them autonomy and trust, and thereby make them motivated and reliable partners. This training is a power package for managers and employees to work together to create a working environment that becomes an employee magnet.

As experts in the HR and recruiting sector, we have been experiencing the growing problems of employee retention and a lack of identification with companies for years. As coaches and trainers, we provide employee empowerment training with all content that provides your company with added value compared to others.

Client-oriented Communication

Successful communication with customers is the basis of your economic success. We support you in making your customer communication the business card of your company.

The path to modern HR support

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