The importance of employee recognition in remote working environments

Jun 12, 2023

Employee recognition is a vital part of any long term successful business, and becomes even more relevant when employees are working remotely. In today’s world, where remote work is the norm, workers are often physically isolated from their colleagues and supervisors. In such circumstances, it is essential for businesses to reach out to their employees, check on their well-being regularly, and offer rewards and recognition for their hard work.

Employees during the pandemic

In addition to all the negative effects of the pandemic, it also brought positive aspects: 

  • Studies on remote workers have shown increases in productivity and employee satisfaction. 
  • Only 25 % of people working from home stated that they would voluntarily return to the office in the future.

This increased satisfaction is a welcome relief to many and has filled a gap in the troubling 2018 statistic that 53 % of employees were not satisfied with their job.

In a time when job security is even more volatile, it’s pivotal to make sure your employees are well looked after and satisfied with their working situation, and rewarding and recognizing employees is crucial to their professional development and your business success.

Importance of employee recognition

Recognizing employees can be an important low-cost, high-impact investment for your business. By recognizing your workforce, you can stand out from 66 % of the competition. Studies show that employees who don’t feel valued are often not engaged. This is concerning because disengaged employees are 12 times more likely to quit their jobs. Staff turnover is expensive, with estimated recruitment and training costs of 33 % of an employee’s annual salary.

Employee recognition measures

In order to improve employee retention, focus on the health and wellness of your employees, including their mental health. Dedicating more resources toward the retention of high quality staff should be a priority, not an afterthought. 


Recognizing the work of your remote employees and making your business one they wish to work for is one of the many tactics business owners need to investigate if they wish to retain more employees.

Creating an environment that fosters employee appreciation is an enduringly important decision. A good leader should 

  • lead by example, 
  • congratulating team members privately and publicly for work and non-work related milestones, 
  • presenting thoughtful gifts and bonuses when appropriate, and 
  • highlighting career opportunities within the company hierarchy whenever possible. 


This can create a positive feedback effect. When employees feel they are part of a remote ecosystem that shows appreciation, they are more likely to recognize the work of their colleagues, enabling the start of a positive company culture. A healthy corporate environment is one in which all members can thrive positively. It’s no secret that employees who feel valued and motivated will be more productive in contributing to the company’s goal. Reports show that productivity can increase by up to 20 % when employees are happy at work. Employee recognition can be a completely free opportunity, making it a low risk, high value investment.

Effective tactics for recognition in the workplace include 

  • building a better remote environment, 
  • integrating applications like Slack or Google Hangouts, or 
  • creating private social media groups. 

These tools can help build a positive online community that your workers will be pleased to work in every day.

Curious about how you too can better recognize your employees in remote work environments? Then contact us to find the ideal possibilities for you.

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