Further education as standard employee benefit

Aug 24, 2023

An individual further training offer for employees is standard today. Even most start ups have already recognized how crucial this benefit is for talent when choosing an employer, as well as for employees to be able to continue their education in order to remain satisfied with the employer for a long time. We provide you here with a market overview.

Market overview: Further education offers

  • 51% of the companies participating spend their budget on training such as personal development training, e-learnings, coaching etc., which brings a standardized approach to employees career growth and skill development. This allows fairness for upskilling, while also enabling better expense forecasting for the companies.
  • The highest budget fixation (69%) is found in the remote work group, which makes sense due to the need for optimized management. Start ups are the least likely (42%) to have fixed budgets, possibly due to economic instabilities or their focus on immediate operational needs. On average, the training budget is 1,169 EUR p.a. per employee.
  • For self-learning platforms the budget p.a. per employee is around 729 EUR. Self-learning possibilities are offered by almost 57% of the companies. In large companies almost 80% of employees have access to self-learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning or Udemy.
  • Also conferences play a huge role in building business relationships. The budget in this case amounts to 1,091 EUR p.a. per employee. All remote start ups are providing these benefits for all their employees.
  • Unlike conferences, half of the big companies provide coaching and mentoring benefits. The average budget is around 803 EUR p.a. per employee. For 83.3% of all remote work companies and 72.7% of all big companies, coaching is accessible to all employees.
  • University funding is less likely for startups (2.6%), but often for big companies (47.1%). The average budget is 1,838 EUR p.a. per employee.

And what do you offer?

Are you considering which further training offer you can set up even with a tight budget, how to structure it, implement it and, above all, adapt it to the target group? What training and coaching can you offer? We are happy to support you. Contact us without obligation for an initial information meeting.



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